Jul. 3, 2016

Really? Harrison Barnes Top Salary On Who's Squad?

Sunday Sports Talk Media via joesmokethoughts:
Let me give you this career stat line:
Total Games 307
Points Per Game 10.7
Rebounds Per Game 4.6
Assist Per Game 1.46
Steals Per Game .71
Field Goal % .46
3 Point % .38
Free Throw % .78
How much is this player worth in today's NBA? I know as much as he can get his the intelligent answer. Really? This individual just scored a salary valued at $23.7 million dollars per year from the Dallas Mavericks. Harrison Barnes, who all but passively evaporated in the Finals recently against the Cavaliers just rolled 7/11's and will be earning more than three times as much guaranteed as the league's MVP Stephen Curry in the coming season.
I know that Mark Cuban needs to make things as hospitable as possible for Dirk but does this make the Mavs better? This league is soon to running on fumes giving all this money to unproven players, or players who melted under the heat of game pressure. First, Memphis gives the largest contract in NBA history to a player who has never made an All-Star team and isn't even close to being in the top 5 at his position, Mike Conley. Then, they go hog-wild, must be something in the drinking water, giving Chandler Parsons, an average of $23.5 million for a player who simply can't stay healthy.
Damn, damn, damn. The league is rewarding mediocrity and eventually that reward to damage the dignity and competitiveness of the game. No way can the Warriors match that salary because Harrison Barnes the number 6, maybe number 7 option if you think like I do that Shawn Livingstone brings more to the table than he becomes the highest paid player on the team. He would be outearning the Splash Brothers combined salaries, Iggy, Bogut, Livingstone, and Bogut. Tell me that wouldn't cause a riff in the locker room when HB delivers his 4 points and 2 boards to the stat line? Why the Splash Brother deliver 60 and Draymond delivers a triple double, Iggy 14 and 12.
This is some silly stupid thinking. I got nothing against players taking advantage of the stupidity of the owners and general managers. However, this is possibly ruining the league's brand. What do you say?