Jul. 4, 2016

Its Hammer Time in Oaktown Folks!

Sports Thought of the Day
Durant decides his fate and makes a date gain some rings!
Kevin Durant to Golden State barring no injuries which is a biggie when it involves Curry's ankle and Kevin's potential foot issues. This team will be offensively unstoppable all they need is to get a rim protector and rebounder no need for the additional offense with Green, Iggy, Thompson, Curry and Durant hopefully Livingstone can stay on this team. I can see multiple championships. Jerry West’s last phone call to Durant must have been pretty darn convincing for KD to turn down potentially 230 million Thunder dollars. So where does OKC go now? They lost so much with this decision possibly Westbrook goes now next year or is traded for the rebuild. You know what is funny Mike Conley, whose has never made an all-star team nor taken his team to conference final will be out earning both Kevin Durant and LeBron James. He will be making more than 4 times as much as Stephen Curry this year’s league MVP.
This Warrior team which won more than 87 total games including playoff wins last season will be difficult to contend with next season. I’m not ready to give them the championship just yet because even The Big Three of the Miami Heat of James, Wade, and Bosh needed a season to pull together it’s initial championship. However, they will find little resistance coming from their biggest opposition in the Western Conference next season. You see the Oklahoma City Thunder will be shorthanded without Durant to team with Westbrook next season. As a matter of fact if I was the Thunder management rather than risk losing Westbrook to free agency next year. I would see if a trade can be transacted. It’s going to be difficult to match assets acquired to Russell Westbrook’s salary but I’m sure something could be put together. How about the Cavaliers trading Kyrie Irving to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook? I’m sure that LeBron James would be on board for that deal? All the Cavs would have to do is convince Westbrook to extend his contract beyond next season. James, Love, Westbrook could match up far better than James, Irving, and Love against the Warrior’s big four of Durant, Curry, Thompson and Green I feel.
You still have to play the games no way would anyone have predicted that the LA Clippers would lose to the Trailblazers in the playoffs. However when both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin went down the entire dynamics of that series changed to favored the underdog Portland team. You simply cannot forecast injuries and how those injuries will affect the dynamics of the playoff or even the season. Yet, barring any injuries I see no team in the Western Division capable of giving the Warriors a run for the crown. Maybe in 2-3 years the Minnesota Timberwolves will be able to mount a threat to the Golden State Warriors once their pups grow in solid professionals. However, it is great that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship this year because without an alteration to their current squad it will be hard for the Cavaliers to repeat the feat next year.
Just my thought for the day no KD to DC but KD to Oaktown. KD decided it's a new time, but an old MC Hammer line: