Jul. 5, 2016

Stephen A. Smith, Really?

The more I listen to Stephen A. Smith, the more ridiculous he sounds. I mean worst/weak move ever by a superstar, really? You need to shut the hell up, oh that's right they pay you to make the alternative point no matter how forgettable the statement. I not mad at Durant, he was paid well by OKC and they got the most out of him. The whole idea of free agency is a free choice. Kevin took that for what it says and made his choice.
Smith is trying to be paid like Skip Bayless, you know saying stupid things gets you paid big-time in this nation. All you got to do is look at who leads the republican ticket to understand those dynamics.
Hey Fellas' I Made My Choice!
Stephen A Smith Stop Making Incessant Noise
Kevin Durant, free agency gave me a voice,
So damn if I didn't make my choice,
No matter where I went I still could afford that Silver Grey Ghost Rolls Royce,
So that's why today folks in Oaktown can rejoice.
Stephen A. Smith how dare you call me weak,
You see Stephen A. Smith its rings I seek.
When LeBron went to Miami to get his rings,
You and your boys said good for the king,
The Cavs had enough of a fling,
That city's fans hadn't done a damn thing,
Yet King James was now pulling the strings.
So now that I, Kevin Durant, decides to change my fate
You blast me now simply because I choose to stay great?
You say go to the Spurs or stay with Thunder
Take a chance with the Celtics or move to the Heat
Why in the hell didn't DC get a seat?
Go to Golden State KD and all goes asunder
So, Stephen A. Smith I just don't give a damn
To hear your words that don't simply resound.
I made my choice; I had my voice; I'll play where I choose
Whether I win or I lose; so be quiet my brother why you got the blues?
The day is new in the NBA and money is there to be made
I far as I, Kevin Durant, can see nobody got played.