Jul. 6, 2016

America , Where Does Justice and Equality Reside?

America, Where does Justice and Equality Reside?

My sad mind reeks of the injustice pouring out on my nation; a singular thought for today RIP Alton Sterling

This nation I believe is on the precipice of a racially-motivated confrontation of epic proportions. How can we continue to watch the murder of men like Alton Sterling without feeling that black lives truly don't matter in America? They killed that brother like you would kill a rabid dog in the streets. Baton Rouge law enforcement officers terminated his life for selling bootleg CDs? Watching that 46-second video was quite disgusting and the murder in itself was so vile in nature.

You go to sleep with thoughts of hope and wake up to the reality of despair and continued injustice for my people.Is the hatred and bigotry that permeates this nation so immersed in the fabric of so many of its citizens that we shall never see a day of balanced equality and justice? Why, America, why? I cry tears of sorrow for my lost nation and tears of despair for the many who face the slings of injustice simply because of melanin content at birth.I too cry out America for the many real tears of repression, oppression, neglection, depression, rejection, and outright community devastation has overtaken the hopes and dreams of creation. How do we America listen to our hopes and ignore our reality?

Equality and Justice are missing in my America.