Jul. 7, 2016

Let's Change That My People

This morning I would like to share a few ideas/thoughts related to retribution/solutions for these continuous vicious acts of systematic annihilation of our brothers and sisters in this nation seemingly hellbent on the destruction of people of color. Don't and I mean don't spend another damn dime on anything other than the necessities of living in the marketplace. People of color and people who value justice should collectively decide that starting today an economic boycott should be established. We as a people should begin to value our worth and the lives of those amongst us threatened on a daily basis. 

1. Let's identify 10 corporations that get our dollars and we make a conscious decision to divest our dollars of economic support. 

2. We should immediately, and I mean immediately divest our support from every casino in this nation. We can as people of color collectively make this decision right now. Unless, the casino is Black owned, Indian-owned than none of our dollars will be spent in those facilities.

3. We demand that the 10 corporations that we have selected to forego our economic support begin to reinvest into our communities of need with businesses run and managed by people of color in those communities.

4. We demand from our elected officials a complete audit of each law enforcement agency in every urban center. These audits will be conducted by unbiased members of the community. They job will be to weed out any and all negative members of those law enforcement officers deemed unworthy to serve and protect.

5. We must pull together our community leaders across the nation to deal specifically with the pressing issues that have overwhelmed our communities. We must address how collectively to create atmosphere and.or circles of progress aligned our educational institutions of higher learning that will elicit/solicit partnerships to build better communities.

In 1968, prior to his death Martin Luther King Jr. had a plan to have a national campaign to focus America on the ills of the nation. Dr. King wanted America to make good on that check marked insufficient funds. Dr. King wanted a specific plan of reparations for resources lost due to the inequalities that this country had channeled on to the people of color in this nation. He wanted a redistribution of the economic pain. When, Dr. King was murdered by factions of the nation unwilling to see him realize his ultimate dream. We as a people lost our focus to attain the actualization of a nation united to achieve true justice. 

We have continued to be savaged by those who dish injustice as well as being savaged by all those negative elements in our communities that injustice created. We continue to miss the mark on justice thinking that belief without actions will create solutions to the mess created over the course of 4 1/2 centuries. That isn't working my brothers and sisters. We need to address and attack the situation directly. Malcolm asked that we choose between the bullet or the ballot? We, as a community of people, have decided to choose neither. Now the time has come to intelligently understand that no one can solve our problems but us for us. 

I created a meme a while ago that stated " BLACKS HAVE AS MUCH IMPACT ON JUSTICE IN AMERICA AS A SINGLE FLY ON THE ASS OF AN ELEPHANT", this has to change the time is now we must act or continue to the acted on by the ravages of a nation that thrives on unjust acts on a people not respected but definitely neglected. These are my thoughts this morning as we see another innocent life snuffed out by officers who are sworn to protect and service but seemingly only want to maim and killed. Just my 2 cents worth this morning.