Jul. 8, 2016

TheTime Is Now For Equality's Plea From Sea To Shining Sea

This isn't a time for accepted sin, nor is it time to get lost in gin, you see America injustice continues to grin. America, tears are flowing, injustice is ongoing, where do we seek refuge in this sea of bitter turmoil, how do we equate and not placate those who seek retribution for these grievous acts of horrific loss? Do we shoot wildly into crowds seeking payback without remorse? Do we pray for better days knowing full well that there are parts of America where prayers are scorned and ignored? I care not seek to create the world where no one's safe from hate's wretched pull, America, is this our call? Is this how we want this nation to fall? How can we build a wall and most of the Americans refuse to stand tall? How have we Americans black, white, red and brown allowed justice and equality's push to stall? Who now answers America's anguished call? Do injustice and inequality ever take a lull? Now I ask is this the time for America's fall?