Jul. 12, 2016

Peace Be Still

Growing up in a black church one of my favorite black spirituals was Peace Be Still. It encouraged in me the need to capture that reflective quiet thought in a world quaking with dishevel and despair. It called upon the evil nature of physical man to fall down to the goodness of that spiritual entity that supposedly resides in all of, that soulful man, that man that seeks goodness and grace. I truly believed at that time Peace indeed could be still, the stillness of sound of the brook waters flowing along the edges of smoothed rocks, the purity of that unique sound, so clear, so crisp, so rendering of calm, peace indeed was still. Yet, as life continues to happen the stillness never remains, the world's sense of illness quakes along life's windowpanes. How does one find that stillness when all around people think in thoughts of willful disdain? I think back often of those days when honesty fought against the mask of society's lying judicial restraint. Peace is still in my heart so that life's honor is never ever constrained. No, I didn't choose my name, nor the color of my hue, nor did I choose where I lived in the early stages of my life. Yeah, could I choose to seek stillness no matter what created strife? I sought refuge in those feelings that wouldn't allow me to dissuade from my urge to find solace against all of those who sought personal malice against my rose glass colored palace. So as I enter my seventh decade of existence never will I lose my persistence to fight all those who mount resistance to my goal of gaining distance you see my aim has always been .....Peace.....Be ...Still..