Jul. 23, 2016

CoCo Jackson, The New American Shero

 So back when I was young there was another Jackson

This brother fought for good sending many into traction

You might remember that his first name was simply Action

He was a member of a black crime fighting faction 

Labeled simply as the take no bullshit Jackson

Action Jackson, oh he’s now getting his big fat pension

Well, now we are in Coco Jackson’s new world dimension

Coco Jackson is the person now who’s creating all this damn tension

Mention Coco’s name too loud or speak in apprehension

Coco Jackson probably won’t agree to give your life any more extension

Remember back in the days when all you ever got was detention

Coco Jackson speaks so clearly damn you never need further comprehension

CoCo Jackson sash-shades into the room

The room was so damn quiet but until CoCo created a sonic boom

Hell the heads she turned you thought they had opened King Tut’s tomb

Damn her thighs VA-VA-VA-Voom

CoCo’s body was tight so anyone talking to her had better be right

Otherwise dammit you’d be deemed as not bright

CoCo Jackson would be out of your damn sight

You, my brother, would be standing dimmed light

Seems like a cat in here has the fever

Coco Jackson surely isn’t anyone’s version of June Cleaver

After you see Coco Jackson appear

Damn oh my what a fantastic rear

She’s moving everyone even those who are queer

Any sisters left in this room had just better disappear

Coco Jackson the choice for that it is so damn clear

Coco wears all white six-inch pumps

Look too long at Coco Jackson she’ll turn you into her damn chump

Coco normally dresses distinctly in a deep royal blue

That is because Coco Jackson is in the Zeta Phi Beta crew

Coco loves her Henny white and her JW had better be blue

Otherwise, all you bartenders prepare to see this sister stew

Coco Jackson will look to see if you have a clue

Why oh why did it happen you came in the club with another 

Coco Jackson also has the mental skills of  Freud

She can look right through you directly to that void 

Those were the women you momma told you to definitely avoid

My brother, you had damn sure better stay employed

Coco Jackson can make any man a lost android

Stood too close to Coco Jackson 

Why is your date coming at you with that damn meat cleaver

Damn brother was you prepared to leave her

Dammit didn’t I tell you Coco Jackson would make you a true believer

That’s why that damn sister is chasing you with that cleaver