Jul. 26, 2016


Watch out all you black folks in America’s land,

The constant cries of murderous angst,

Coming soon in our homes you can bet, 

You will hear the sounds of tanks.

It seems that another bullet has left the chamber,

Now you know for blacks America isn’t any tamer.

Unprovoked and but definitely intended,

Justice for us in America is still pretended.

Oh that bullet that just hit oh it can’t be mended

Tell me again America why was that police offended.

All that brother wanted was an even break,

His body hit the damn ground and his brain quaked.

Thinking bout his momma now,

Getting the news her son is dead the murderous blues.

Being a statistic was not the life he’d choose,

However, that police officer simply refused,

You see all he wanted was to close a life,

What in the hell did he care about continued strife?

Again I ask and sound profusely!

Is that the sound of murderous angst? 

Or is America sending in swift moving tanks?