Jul. 28, 2016

Hey Vladimir, It's "The Donald" Here

“Hey Vladimir”, it’s “The Donald” here,

Remember that joke I told you about going on the stump?

Guess what “Vlady Baby”,  you laughed and gaffed

Hey didn’t you say the sight of “The Donald” even made you chafe

Guess what oh “Valdy” I getting reading to use the White House bath

Who’s talking now about delivering the shaft?

I’m about to make folks paddle up river in a bottomless raft

Think I’ll be bigger than old President “Howard “Big Pockets” Taft”

Didn’t you say that losing money my biggest ass craft

Guess what “Valdy Baby”, “The Donald” is about to be charge of the military draft

Now you know “Valdy” that deserves one huge ass laugh

It’s you and I Putin, now we both can really start looting

Have all the billionaires rooting for Trump and Vladimir Putin

“Hey Vladimir”, it’s “The Donald” here

“VIady”, I need your help gotta make Miss Hillary yelp

You see there are these missing emails which will hopefully drive the nails

And knock Hilliary’s campaign for President off the rails

Them damn Dems are in  Philly hoping like heck to make The Donald look silly

If you help me with finding them emails it’s gonna make that filly chilly

“Hey Vladimir”, it’s The Donald here

They talk about me committing treason 

What in the hell this is presidential season

This sure isn’t America’s age of reason

Now you talking about “The Donald” and treason

Hell I got all these votes and I still don’t understand the reason

That “The Donald” took over this here presidential season

That very thought belies all clear thinking reason.