Jul. 28, 2016

Black Power, Black Power 1966-2016 50 Years Still Striving For Black Power

Stokley Carmichael, who would later be known as Kwame Ture, made a call that shook the minds of all of the America, both black, and white. BLACK POWER, BLACK POWER, was indeed Stokely's call and we still are finding ourselves powerless in this nation that fails to address, or redress our needs for justice, truth and economic independence and self-reliance. Yet, as long as there is air to breathe and the strong desire to achieve our dreams. Our peoples will find it's way to Brother Ture's hoped for the inevitability of black economic and political interdependence. I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of our proud past. We must understand that only 50 years ago we were still struggling as a people for basic human rights in this nation. We aren't talking about 1866 but 1966 when Stokely made his challenge of agitation and demonstration. We are still battling those same forces that deny justice for all and hope that the walls of injustice never fall. I loved Kwame Ture, I actually got the opportunity to meet him while a young man. He stood for me when I was too young and naive to stand for myself. Today, my brothers and sisters we must all stand for each other and achieve substantive economic and political "BLACK POWER".