Jul. 30, 2016

Smokey Robinson, Then Everyone Else His Words Are Tops on My Musical Shelf

Every so often my mind skips to Soul Town

Especially when my thoughts are kinda lowdown

Listening to Smokey brings my spirits uptown

My body and mind began the journey downtown

I truly happy that Smokey worked hard for Motown

Doesn’t it seem like you were right my Fingertips

That we were about to Get Ready

For that Quiet Storm

Asking for More Love while Cruisin’ and Going To A Go Go 

Ooo Baby I’m not your Choosey Beggar

You’re Really Got A Hold On Me

Because  I seem to be on the Outside Looking In

Mama said Shop Around don’t let that Bad Girl get you down

I Got a Job After All Everybody’s Gotta Pay Some Dues

You Can’t Turn Me Off in The Middle of Turning Me On

You think I am Mickey’s Monkey

How do I Track These Tears of Clown 

All I want is More Love

Baby Come Close Second that Emotion

Listen to that one Heartbeat Baby Don’t Cry

For I am Swept For You

You say my Girl Has Gone Try Something New

Yet Being With You I’ve Made Love to You A Thousand Times

I even got A Tattoo burned on my behind

This Agony is my Ecstasy Coincidentally Wait

Are We at the Fork In the Road

Why Build Me Up To Break Me Down

We just wanted to be Beautiful People

You were that New Girl in The Neighborhood

I ask Talk To Me Sometimes Your Mother Understood

Yet you Gotta Get Away

I said Stop Doubting My Love

You read my Love Letters I wrote my Wedding Song

Baby Please Come Close They Said She Is a Virgin Man

Afterwards thinking Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Did I Fulfill Your Need

I’ve Got You Under My Skin 

Time After Time Night And Day

Our Love Is HereTo Stay

Wanna Know My Mind

Why My Love’s So Fine

After All For Once In My Life

If You Can Want You Can Need

Darling Dear Hold On To Your Love

I’ll Be Your Love Machine

You See My Business is Your Pleasure

I am my Mother’s Son On That You Can Depend

I am Your Composer We’ll Write This Family Song

Tea For Two Show Me You Can Dance You See

I am  Swept For You Baby This is No Skid Row

Save Me, Promise Me,  Speak Low

The Feeling Is Fine That is The Bottom Line 

So On This Special Occasion Simply Rewind

We Are Ready To Roll No Sleepin’ In  

It’s always a Smokey’s Robinson Day

His rhythmic words are certainly at play

His love of creeds, his great deeds are here to stay 

Smokey, You Really Have a Hold On Me.