Jul. 31, 2016

The Call For Black Power Is Needed It Can No Longer Be Unheeded

Back To Stokely [Kwame Ture] He Continues To Channel My Thoughts This Week
50 year ago in Greenwood Miss. a 24-year young man stepped to the microphone. He defied the white power-struck nation and made a call that shook the very fiber of every hamlet, city and town in this nation with two simple words. Those words called for defiance and a sense unity within our community that has yet failed to materialize. Kwame Ture, then Stokley Carmichael, the call was for BLACK POWER.
Those words so moved our nation in many ways both negative and positive. Our adversaries used that call to incite police and military action against those who were aggressively sought justice and truth in a nation bent to dish dishonor and lies. It, however, captured the hearts and minds of young black men and women who for so long had seen their ancestors bent over from the oppressive bigotry of Jim and Jane Crow. The call for economic, political power for blacks wasn't a unique call but that night it was a needed call, a call that had to be heeded if our people were to ever find legitimacy in these American states.
Still today we rise, still today we face lies, still today we unloosen ties that bind our freedom, still today we demand power, Black Power, People's Power, Unique and Beautiful Power, Love Power, Strength Power , Guiding Power, Yes America our call is for Defiant, Bold Black Power.