Aug. 4, 2016

Injustice is Stacked

Growing up in ghetto as a kid you knowingly feed me lead
You knew all that lead would eventually mess up my head
Damn, why is that lead so close to my bed?
Then you put me in broken classrooms to stunt me
Teachers not teaching they even affronting me
Teachers not reaching can”t hear them is that police sirens screeching
Preachers still preaching dare say some are just leeching?
Communities collapsed around churches but hey they still preaching
Now that you’ve stunted me, mentally and physically confronted me
Tell me why America or you are now simply man-hunting me
My dreams and education are stunted
Walking through broken communities feeling affronted
Constantly badgered as well as confronted
Concerned, disengaged and seemingly man-hunted
This America is how many blacks see justice as fronted
Tell me why America that just being black
Cuts you no slack, justice is constantly turning it’s back
Policeman always looking to attack they never fallback
This country for some blacks is truly just whacked
Injustice and lies are forever seemingly stacked!