Aug. 6, 2016

Thought of the Moment Laugh Out Loud

Thought of the Moment
Laugh Out Loud

The thing that keeps us sane and sheltered from the insanity and pain of living black in this nation. Is a healthy. and I mean truly healthy dose of sense of humor. You see if we cannot laugh at the external pressures that we as people are confronted with. We would have to internalize all that pain and misery. That's why a smile, a laugh, a joke or two is that temporary, and I said a temporary solution to regain our sensibilities that oppressive encounters can be set on our precious psyches.

You surely can't laugh away oppression, depression, regression, and injustice but that brief explosive laugh does allow you a momentary release to regain your footings. So, don't walk around angry living with thoughts of total despair. Hell, go as fast and as quick as you can to your favorite laughing chair. Otherwise, you may end up with a permanent depressive stare heading entirely nowhere. The laughter and fun will help you not block out totally the sun promise of hope. It will indeed drive your dreams upwards. It will silence just for a moment the disregard you may feel of living black in a nation still filled with bigotry and separation. So, laugh my friends without any hesitation. Not, a constant laugh but a redemptive laugh to get you by on the bye and bye.