Aug. 6, 2016

Positivity Reigns Supreme

Next week on joesmokethoughts  Positivity Reigns SUPREME!
It's time for me to build some dreams. Get Ready I'm Coming It's Time Please and Get The Hell Up Off My Broken Knees.

Friends, I think that next week on my blog and social media sites. I'll be on a more motivational tip.  I will work towards uplift rather spent time on the downslope of humanity. Visually captured thoughts meant to motivate not deprecate, stimulate not annihilate, build-up, not tear down. 

Yes, I need some happy time to arouse my intellect and douse this negativity that has seemingly captured me. I am not normally a negative person but the actuality of circumstances has somehow lead me to this current path of disruption. Rather than maintaining a path of construction or constructive thoughts.