Aug. 7, 2016

You Can Beat Those Goliath's In Your Life

This week I plan to uplift, motivate, engage in participating, relate to getting to a positive state each of the following seven days. Sunday through to Saturday. I've always been a highly positive person even when I faced what seemed to others as insurmountable obstacles. I think that it's about time with everything this country and the world is presenting me with that I bring back that joesmoke. You see there are certain building blocks beyond gathering dollars that one must arm him/herself with to meet the challenges and obstacles that life will present to you. Some of these challenges may be self-inflicted but many  are external forces designed to stop you from progressing forward. So whether it's bigotry, injustice, lack of resources, lack of faith, systematic  dishevel you can work to overcome these obstacles.

Today's talk is facing Goliath when armed with nothing but what God gave you.  I hope that whoever listens, views  and reads my posts this week on my blog and other social media venues gets the feeling of positivity. You see not all of us will be able to secure millions, or even 10's of thousands of dollars in our bank accounts. However, money isn't the only measuring rod of success in this world. How each of us engages and defends ourselves against life's obstacles in an important factor in measuring our internal mettle. How we spread our experiences and knowledge to others no matter what their station in life is another extremely important measuring rod to building value not only in ourselves but in others.

So enjoy as I take my trip down Motivation Avenue and hopefully continue to reside on Success Street.