Aug. 9, 2016

Positive Thoughts Must Be Self-Taught

Tuesday’s Time For The Winner’s Rhyme Time Cleanse All This Loser’s Grime Making A Move Forward
Is Certainly No Crime


You heard these words
It’s time to give these words to birds’
If I could’ve
I know I should’ve
Next time I would’ve
I’m thinking about it
There’s always tomorrow
If only I hadn’t
You always were better than …
He’d never
She won’t
I rather just SMOKE
Here come on take a TOKE
Me getting AHEAD now that’s a JOKE
LEARN that
No, I rather SPURN that
Now turn words around make a brand new sound
The time is now for your dreams to be crowned
Dammit I will
No better time than right now
Damn right I started this ship has departed
Yes I can, don’t tell me I can’t
There is a yes behind that no
That no was just for show
I got the progress fever
I’m all about finding and pulling the YES lever
Working hard has never taken out a beaver
You can’t cut out my dreams with that meat cleaver
Spice up the town
Spin your life around
No need to stay down
Up is where it’s at
Not laying down flat
Get up off of that mat
I am ready to wear a winner’s top hat
Yes and I will need to chat
Because for real I am all about THAT
Just because I’m BLACK don’t expect me to ever again STEP BACK
I have decided that I belong on the winner’s TRACK
It’s time for me to stop buying off the LOSER’S RACK
I’ve decided today to stop taking all FLACK
You finally I realized I got glass ceilings to CRACK