Aug. 9, 2016

Man's Cruelty To Nature Continues Unabated

This is tragic in the most obscene of ways man's complete and total ill regard to the beauty that is nature. What was once survival of the fittest is now man's race to the extinction of every living creature.
The East Fork Wolf Pack of the Denali National Park in Alaska which has been studied for almost a century. Is no longer living and the entire pack has turned to dust a chapter in the inscrutable need of man to destroy all that once was beautiful. The pack which has been filmed and seen the world over as evidence of the beauty that can be displayed in Alaska has been exterminated.
Damn. Damn. Damn. Over hunting of the wolf species not for food but simply for the pleasures of growing hunting industry has taken out the final male wolf this Spring. This lone male wolf became a dead wolf as he was shot even though he was collared so that his movements could be tracked.
Alaska has created hunting laws allow large predators like wolf and bears to be shot from helicopters. They also have allowed wolf cubs and wolfs to be shot along with bear cubs and bears even while in their so-called protected dens. These predator killings are simply for pleasure and to feed the avarice of man not the bellies of man.
Pretty soon a judgement is coming from that environment that we have virtually destroyed through our greed and disregard of other living creatures. My hope is that when man is judged the creatures we have destroyed don't have the deciding votes because is they do are indeed DOOMED,