Aug. 11, 2016


Thursday’s Motivation 


Stay Around Those Who Build If You Want Your Dreams Fulfilled 


This morning’s positive thought is quite simple yet believe me it is probably the one of the most important; if not the most important aspect of fulfilling your promise. One thing that my daddy always told me was Shelton, he called me by my middle name. Shelton, if you want to achieve anything in life find people who will support your vision. He encouraged me not to seek our investors for any business ideas I might have. My daddy emphasis was on finding dream supporters, dream believers, dream wideners, people who will not discourage ambition through disbelief and doubt but individuals who have dreams as large as yours and won’t allow anyone to steal either their dreams or most importantly your dreams.


You see the world is full of dream stealers. These non-dreamers wake up each day with the belief that nothing and I mean nothing is within their grasp of attainment. Yes, I know that not every dream you dreamt will be fulfilled but the fact of the matter is that you must continue to dream. My daddy understood that it is more important to have dreams and to build around you similar people on your team that aspire to reach and bust through the seams of containment.  Shelton, don’t worry if you team of dream builders, or dream supporters is small. The number on your team is not as important as understanding the need to keep your dreams flowing upstream and you don’t think you cannot reach as high as the highest moonbeam. You, Shelton, no matter what people may think have the ability to travel in the fastest of jet streams. Just be careful on you let latch onto your dreams. The wrong people and those dreams well they will become barriers because certain people carry dream extinguishers and you Shelton need dreams ignitors.


I didn’t understand exactly at that age he told me this exactly what he was saying. Yet, I put the discussion into my luggage suitcase for further study as I moved through life. You what he was 100% correct not everyone who you think is your friend wants you to achieve, nor does everyone believe, hell so of them are peeved and will just as gladly be thieves to the dreams you have. When I was a little older I heard this saying; “if your mind can conceive then with hard work and firm belief you can achieve it.” I took that as my personal moniker to pull me through the rough times. However, in the roughest times I needed an arm to lean on, a mind to run thoughts by, vocal encouragement to stabilize the momentary doubt. Some people would think well maybe you should look towards the spiritual aspect of faith. Yes, that can be a part of the equation but it isn’t the sole solution. You know, God in his infinite wisdom did in fact put people on this planet believe it or not to encourage dreams, hopes, and aspirations not only for themselves but also for others. 


That’s why it imperative that we choose whom we share our precious dreams with. Whether, it be the dream of having your own piece of ownership, or your own piece of family, or attain the education you desire you must have encouraged members of your team pushing you on. The saying, keep on pushing on the equations of securing what you want awaits you. Is indeed a truism but it must be protected if you are to gain. You see even through you face the pain of possible discouragement every day. You must come home to someone who will lift you up and not tear you down.  You must be around those who build, because it’s the builders that emit the positive fulfilling energies to insure that you don’t quit.  The dream thieves only want you to split but dream builders will provide you some needed grit. You see they even have the power to increase your wit to insure that your dream don’t end up in a fiery pit. Hell, dream builders also insure that you continue to commit, don’t listen to those you tell you your dreams are counterfeit.


So, I’ll conclude todays’ Thursday motivation moment with the knowledge that you will seek out with a passion. Those individuals who desire that your dreams stay in fashion and sooner or later you will be able to cash in. Have a great Thursday, look forward to Friday’s talk, thanks for allowing me share these positive messages.