Aug. 12, 2016

Integration Love It? Oh No I Think We Should Have It Passed On It!

We integrated into as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said prior to his murder in Memphis;
A burning house that no one warned us the house was burning; but burning it was. is what we were learning;
That house of justice was surely lit, and we as a people should have just split;
Those in power took everything we held dear, and snatched it from us with no fear;
In a blink of an eye, our treasured economies were bone dry, and blacks folks had nothing to buy; the sight of lost businesses sure made people cry;
We suffered for this choice; we lost so very much of our voice, and nothing to rejoice;
I sure that Charles, Clarence, Thurgood and all the other agents of this stated quest;
Should have excepted nothing less, than the best, never excepting justice would indeed take a rest;
Now they know in their infinite duty, that integration was no real black beauty;
Hell black folks ended up give them all our community booty;
We once had a dollar and keep every damn cent; now that same dollar is already spent while our community continues its descent;
I mean Fannie Lou Hamer took some god awful beatings, thinking that integration would bring about change,
well Fannie in her experiences knew some white folks were certainly deranged, but Fannie felt the system could actually change;
Well after all these years seeing that no real change; justice isn’t near, black folks still live in constant fear;
They say that integration was not really supposed to be strange, but the white power structure blew black justice up the test range, it treated justice as if it had a case of mange;
You know what America that is a damn shame, that you suckered black folks to play this damn game;
Now after all we’ve suffered, You want us to what? accept all the blame; guess what America, we pass on that, just the same;
You see those who are against us act totally untamed, and we no longer can fit into your damn chains;
We simply are asking that you now make it rain, and start to pay us for all of this here pain.
Integration, I’ll pass like I said, just the same.