Aug. 13, 2016

Saturday’s Note Is So Poetic; You Must Work All Seven To Get To Dreamer’s Heaven That’s So Much Bett

This Week’s Lessons Must Align To Ensure Your Dreams Aren’t Maligned  

When all those around you say it’s a waste

Heck, even your family leaves you with a bad taste

That’s when you had better make haste

You see you have to be the one who leads this dream chase

That’s why the most important theme is for YOU to keep faith

You see, YOU, are the most important cog in this here race

So make sure that you stand firmly and solidly in place

Don’t let disbelievers spin YOUR dreams aimlessly out in space

There are those who would love to see your brain encased in thick mace

However stay around those you believe YOU are becoming an ACE.

So remember to score and soar realizing your dreams your indeed make you ROAR

You can defeat those Goliath’s that come at you with just a little more faith

The caravan inside you indeed keeps your dreams safe

Those barking dogs once defiant don’t stop you from being self-reliant

The words that they utter don’t have to make you stutter 

Or make your dreams melt like hot butter

You see the life that you are living

Makes it possible for you to start giving

You see that dead lion over there you are certainly outliving

Find folks who believe and stay away from all that deceive

It’s vital that you perceive or your dreams well you will grieve

You have been caught by those nasty dream thieves

Finally, please affirm it will assure your inner self that you have confirmed

That dream YOU hold is not infirmed it is gonna go long-term.

You have just been REAFFIRMED and CONFIRMED.

So just remember the importance of focused alignment

It will protect against any destructive dream malignment 




I really hope that these seven days has brought a smile and snicker. I hardly drank any liquor and I damn sure didn’t want anyone to bicker. You see DREAM BUILDING is the kicker. The fact of the matter is I believe it will also prolong your ticker you certainly won’t be close to being mentally sicker.


Have a great remainder of the week and I do hope you enjoyed my week of MOTIVATION. As I called out loudly to my social media nation.


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