Aug. 15, 2016

Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts on Expanding Minds, Minds and Mines!

Today’s immediate creative saying:

Some People in Life Are Born With A Silver Spoon in their Mouths; 

While Most Others Must Learn To Mine Their Own Silver; 

Melt The Silver and then Mold Their Own Spoons; 

So keep on mining that silver because your spoons are waiting; 

Keep it on the Uplift, Keep Moving on The Downstroke;  

Try Not To Be Provoked or have any part of your dreams or life revoked;

While you are creating that silver for those spoons;

Make sure you allow room for the other facets of your life to zoom;

Otherwise, you run the risk of your life taking a swoon;

Maybe even seeing your dreams and aspirations going kaboom; 

Or ending up in an early tomb and those who care all in gloom; 

It’s time to sweep those bad choices out of your life with a broom; 

You can be assured that your dreams are protected in your mental womb;

It’s not necessary for me to saturate your timelines; 

I just need to keep my talks straight and elevate not deflate; 

Or cut bait as long as you keep that positive mental state;  

That my friends make these exchanges awfully great; 

Because it is my intention to avoid spreading hate;

You see I love to everyone in my community with full plates.



I truly don’t know what this week will bring creatively. However, I am excited that I have been given this particular ability to express my thoughts. To be able to provoke, invoke, create, and motivate brings so many positive energies to my well-being.  You see that is why I write something every day; because an active mind is a refreshed mind; and a refreshed mind is an alert mind. As we age we could conceivably lose what we don’t use.  That’s why at 62 years of age my mind is as fresh and alert as it was when I was in my 20’s.  Oh, physically it’s a different story but heck I don’t have to totally break down in cases of physical pain.  You must simply understand that being able to create something every day is vitally important to your well-being spiritually, as well as emotionally.  It’s more than simply going to work and do the job you are paid to do. That should never be the extent of your creativity on this planet. For if by chance by some freak of nature, your applied skills are taken from you. What do you do then?  Is your life defined only by your professional occupation? Of course, it isn’t, because if it is trouble is certainly brewing. This is something I have come to understand  by personal experience and the lesson wasn’t an easy lesson to accept.


Choosing career above all else in our lives could be the most unhealthy of choices we will ever make. You must activate more mental signals than just career development. Oh, you must employ honest efforts into whatever profession you choose. However, the key word is “honest” and then it’s followed by effort. You should, however, commit just as much maybe more effort in those other areas of your life to keep things balanced.  There was a song I used to love growing up with the father who worked to support his child but worked so hard he hardly knew that child until that child became a man. You may know that song if you don’t go listen it to because it tells a powerful message. The song was a song and written by Harry Chapin, “Cats in the Cradle”.  You see that why a family is so vitally important. Please don’t let anyone try to convince you that the time to sacrifice to your profession can be recovered because I’m sorry it simply isn’t true. The time and moments of discovery lost are simply that, lost. never to be recovered, those memories will never be uncovered.


So you must make time, take time, and be on time for those special moments that your children have in their lives. I thought growing into being the man I am today that if I worked extremely hard my family would benefit from those choices. However, in so many ways that choice of career over family I made in my 20’s and 30’s caused me anxiety and frustration. Those negative energies impacted my relationships on the home front. So much so that it lead to the eventual dissolution of my initial family. As a result, it also disturbed and shattered many aspects of my relationships with my kids. I shouldn’t have let it happen but when the thin line of love and hate between 2 adults evaporates, of course, there will be elements of the dissolution that will be affected negatively.  That’s why I value my current relationship with both my daughter and my wife because I failed and learned, rather than failed and continued failing. So I was able to see my little girl’s first steps, hear her first words, and see and be with her on those stepping stone moments she has experienced. My wife and I chose family first because 20 years from now we didn’t want to suffer from family thirst. The thirst of living for those past moments. Now we have a luggage full of shared experiences that we continue to solidify our relationships even during the toughest of times.


So family together activities are vital, eating dinner together, going to church if that is something that you do together. It should be a shared spiritual experience. I would also recommend taking the time to turn off the television and the cell phones and talk amongst yourselves periodically. Take the technology away just for a few hours a month to maintain some relevance in self beyond the machines. Discussions about the events of the day, events in the world, events in the community will engage civic involvement. This is important because you want you children to value more than just themselves, they must find value in those elements of life around them. Another important, and it’s becoming more and more important is having some literate materials openly visible in your home, or living environment. It is so important now that our children are exposed to the printed word in many forms. So put magazine, novels, biographies, and technical reading materials around your home and crack them yourself periodically to expose your children to the importance of reading. No child should be bereft of the satisfying experience of opening a book and having that book or story read to them by a loving caring adult.


So after building a family, gaining a spiritual foundation, and maintaining professional life. You must also continue to find that creative juice that expands your personal horizon. Whether it be the use of the pen, the brush or the voice locate that aspect of your brain and feed it with regularity. That will ensure that in moments of stress. You will be able to take a trip away from what is affecting you in any negative way. You can so to speak lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. This is what I do with my daily creations. I am getting closer and closer to the inner me that I should be. That inner me that I want everyone to see. Of course, you should remain physically active and that physical activity if possible should be a joint activity.  It doesn’t always have to be a personal battle against the increasing bulge. I know this is a longer reflection and must people will not be able to read the entire selection. Yet, if there is one important thing I would like to share is that diversify your life choices don’t focus so much on one thing that you lose focus on all things.