Aug. 16, 2016

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS Are really hidden MONEY HOGS

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS 

Are really hidden MONEY HOGS


Today’s Quick Selection Hoping It Leads to Donald Trump’s Mass Rejection

No way this man’s is America’s Presidential Selection

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS 

Are really hidden MONEY HOGS

You know that n’er one them thinks beyond planning to hold-up a Brink’s

Why in God’s name are there wive’s still wearing dead lynx’s and mink’s

You know that their plan is to put America in a fool’s jinx

All of the democracy flushed down injustice’s sink

Hell, they even plan to over-heat the USA’s ice rinks

Now, you know that they have plans to tear down the sphinx

Why in America are these fools getting these winks?

You really think smart people are ready for these planned high jinks?

Who in the hell took these idiots off their favorite golf links?

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS 

Are really hidden MONEY HOGS

You know they want justice to remain in a FOG

Life for most people will continue to BOG

They have no intention of building cool COGS

They simply want injustice to continue its CLOG

You see that’s what you get for favoring these damn MONEY HOGS

Or should I say Trump’s hideous ATTACK DOGS

That wall that their building is now only foolish

Thinking they can keep people out from Mexico City to Prague

You see that is what you get when you support ATTACK DOGS

Or should I say, Trump’s crew of CASH HOGS

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS 

Are really hidden MONEY HOGS

Earlier this spring I was feeling this country still reeling

Even when they found out Donald Trump was still stealing

They continue to support his mad dealing

Pretty soon all of America could be squealing

Running to churches forever kneeling

You see this damn fool then just hit the ceiling

No way he’s looking for healing

Trump and his dogs are so unappealing

Money Hogs always stealing

Think of the secrets they will be concealing

Donald Trump and his TEAM OF ATTACK DOGS 

Are really hidden MONEY HOGS

Looking to build up some hate-filled SMOG

You really want Trump to be the top watchdog

Think of the cases of injustice on the backlog

Send that fool and his cronies on a never-ending jog into a never-ending  fog encased in blinding smog.



Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and these damn republican cronies are some of the dirtiest sons of B's that reside in this country. I mean Hillary Clinton is no queen of clean but damn she is Clorox clean in comparison to these Trump wolves. I mean they are so damn attached to the corruption, misery, and pain distributed by these Russian Oligarchs is shameful.  How in the hell can your campaign chief be so linked to criminality and yet be so acceptable to you personally, Donald Trump? Oh, that's right you are bedded up with the same evil regime of cutthroats and thieves.   

I remember listening to Brother Gil Scott-Heron, rapping about Haldeman, Mitchell, Ehrlichman, and Dean back in the days of the Nixon fiasco. Well, damn those four are choir boys compared to the inner circle of Trump's minions.  You, America, really, have you dropped so low in respect that you would even consider electing this loathsome creature as President of anything other than capturing mongrel, yapping dogs of disrepute.  After I read this morning's New York Times article on Paul Manafort. I just about gagged on the written contents of that article.  I assume that just a few of my social media friends are supportive of Trump. I assume after reading and viewing this  post I guess I will need TO probably add a few Facebook associates. That's cool because anyone who can consider pulling Trump's lever for president needs to understand the demonstrative power of negativity that has promoted.  

These are dangerous times in the world and in this nation. The powder  keg of confrontation is surrounding all parts of our communities. We simply cannot afford to simply pour Trump gasoline on an already dangerous condition. Cities are burning, and hate is churning and it seems no one is learning.  So, don't allow ignorance and distrust cause you to make decisions that will destroy any chance of growth in this nation or the world. You can talk about choosing between two bad choices all you want. This isn't a choice between two bad choices. You see one of those choices is a maniacal, egotistical creature who serves no meaningful function in society except to destroy common good and lift up deceit as a redeeming feature. So, I guess I have to go with the other choice and let my faith in the common good in man remain.