Aug. 16, 2016

Really, Nate Parker, Really

I have a 15-year-old daughter, who my little princess, I'm sure that she will be making some mistakes in her life. My hope is that those mistakes aren't the type that will scar her for life. After reading the transcripts of the phone call between "NATE PARKER" and the 19-year-old drunken female college freshman that he and his roommate took advantage of while he was a student at Penn State University. Well, I am ashamed of this brother now. I know that this happened 17 years ago but it happened and I have done some mean things in my life. However, I have never taken advantage of a woman who had no conscious reality of where the circumstances she was confronted with. He says he has 5 daughters and a wife but reading the transcripts a see a sex crazed fool purposely taking advantage of a woman overly consumed in alcohol. How is that even mutually satisfactory? I was so looking forward to seeing the Nat Turner movie but now, not so much.

I know some folks will say ah, he was a college student and how many of us made mistakes that we wished we hadn't in college. Yet, if this action would've taken place in 2016 and not 1999. I believe both male participants in this alleged act would be placed under the jail. I see everyone willing to throw Bill Cosby under the proverbial bus for his alleged use of drugs to get his way with women. Yet, Bill never was accused as least as of today of sharing his drugged conquest with another man. Damn, Nate Parker, damn, goddamn, damn, damn, damn why. The testimony also shows that you also participated in these acts with other alleged drunken victims. I cannot, I will not, I could not, and I will never give a pass to intentional rape. This alleged rape as far as I can see was rape. No, $17,500.00 settlement from Penn State University will ever mask away the shame of this action from the mind of this now 36-year-old woman. Whether this woman is white, or black is inconsequential. The fact remains that you, my brother, are lucky as hell. You aren't doing time rather than serving up the role of Nat Turner. A movie that now I think I'll pass on. My daughter and others daughters deserve better.