Aug. 16, 2016

Dickie Kelly, Baltimore's Own, Truly This Brother Was Bad To The Bone

A Little B'more History Here Today
The coach Butch Mcadams, took me back to B'more 1972 but even before that, folks on the eastside knew the score chasing after Dickie Kelly could really make you sore, defending against him well that was a hard chore. Man, Dickie Kelly was the definitely the truth, he was always bound to blow scores off the roof, all the statistician's kept all of the proof. 
Eastside born and bred Dunbar High School ... I remember growing up with those legends. So many of which sadly were taken by the streets, but, they indeed displayed many great playground feats. Dickie Kelly, well he was indeed among the elites. Watching Dickie crossover was such a treat and he'd bang that jumper then pop, hit repeat, give him a couple of inches and you were dead meat. Dickie with the pill, oh my how sweet. Oh yes, Coach Butch Mcadams, Dickie Kelly was indeed amongst the elites. 
This a photo when DK played for old Bay College but his exploits range further back than that, he was simply one cool ass cat.