Aug. 17, 2016


The more I learn about Nate Parker's situation the more disgusted I get. This situation is getting slimier and slimier. When I found out he was on an athletic scholarship in the Simi-Steamy-(Happy) Valley nation of Penn State University's fanatical sports world that all but closed the case on this matter for me. The more, it's becoming clear that this situation is far more adverse than any of us should comprehend. I mean this is the school that constantly washed illicit sexual deviance under the rug for decades. This young lady didn't stand a chance going up against the mighty machine of Nittany Lion Sports Nation. Yes, as this dead woman's brother stated had this happened in 2016, not 1999 when this type of activity was condoned in Steamy Valley, Nate Parker, and his roommate would've been put under the jail. The fact that it's coming out now. Well, Nat "Turner" (Really) Parker opened that door that night in 1999 when he and his roomie demolished the life of this young lady. I sickened by this and I will not hold my tongue simply because Nate Parker is the same hue as myself. He doesn't deserve to be placed in adulation while this young woman's body decays in the ground. Rather than shouting and loving Birth of a Nation, we as a community should be more concerned with the Destruction of this Woman. Now that is the screenplay he and his roommate should have written because clearly, they murdered this .young lady's promising life on a steamy, seamy night in Happy Valley. It wasn't anything HAPPY about that night for that young lady. That night only meant days and nights of misery and mental rejection.