Aug. 18, 2016

Hey Nate Parker, You are damn lucky you were in Happy Valley circa 1999 and not Justice Town 2016

OK to those who say well, Nate Parker was found innocent and we should let bygones be bygones. Well, think for a moment he and his roommate took serious advantage of this woman who eventually killed herself in 2010. That act of suicide was directly related to that awful evening in Happy Valley, 1999. You wonder how that case would have read in 2016? Darren Sharper is headed to do “hard time” for plying drugs and alcohol to women to gain sexual favors. Read this and wonder this? Is it the system that is coming after Nat Parker now, or was it the environmental conditions of that same system that actually saved him 1999. You see Happy(Slimy)Steamy Valley was a safe haven for players on athletic scholarship during that period of time.

We can no longer accept bad behavior and write that behavior off an indication that the system is out to get black men. Yes, black men, like myself are under attack have been for centuries. Yet, in this case, the attackers were two black men shielded by an aura of invincibility that protected players on the athletic teams of Penn State University. I feel sorry for Mr. Sharper, my God I do but I feel sorrier for his victims. One of which could have easily been my daughter had he not been identified as a sexual predator. Don’t weep for Darren Sharper, weep for those women whose live’s he ruined with his dastardly plans. The same goes for Nate Parker, I weep not for the release of this information publicly. I weep for the lady whose life was destroyed by Parker and his roommate. I thank the merciful God that the other gentleman who could have joined in this assault chose to walk away. However, he should have walked directly to the school’s security team and protected that woman that night. Again, I say damn, damn, goddamn Nate Parker and Jean Celestin, both shielded by a college clouded because they were members of the Nittany Lion wrestling team

I cannot let go of this Nate Parker case sorry, now if his alleged act of disrepute was done in 2014-15. You see the ramifications of the action. I hope that the soul of that young lady who killed herself finds comfort. I hope that the child she had later in life has a life enriched with memories of wonder and richness not the tragic memories that his mother faced each day from 1999 until the day she died. I also hope that Mr. Parker makes right as much as he and Mr. Celestin can by honoring the spirit and soul of the woman damaged so that night. I ask that you ask yourselves this question, Langston asked in the beginning line of his famous poem, What happens to a dream deferred? and Ask this question, What happens to a dream destroyed? Sorry, my people, but I cry inside each day I am reminded of this tragic incident.