Aug. 18, 2016

Level Up, Systems on the Up Flow, This Negativity Must Go

"I just sent a personal note to Mr. Nate Parker after I read his real deal apology he posted to Facebook last night. We cannot recover the life of that dear lost soul; who was so wounded by the actions of he and his roommate in 1999. Who was so mentally wounded that she took her own life in a tragic demonstration of mental delusion, or mental confusion?

Yet, I also refuse to wallow in negativity any longer. I asked that Mr. Parker and his homeboy give some semblance of thought to the memory of this lost sister. So, I think I will now give this a rest and hope the best for the coming film Birth of a Nation. The message was personal, but it was honest and forthright.

Now I can move onto making tomorrow about James Brown's The One and Death. Which to me is also so much about life. I hope that no more skeletons are uncovered, discovered, or recovered involving Nate Parker. He is as Bomani Armah, says who is my fraternity a wonderful talent. You can appreciate the talent and still be disgusted in some of the talent's actions. Thanks, Bomani Armah, for that rationale thought it was clearly reflective and allowed me a quite different perspective."