Aug. 20, 2016

Detroit Reds, Would Have Never Stood a Chance

Detroit Reds would have never stood a chance, or was it Tupac, Jam Master Jay,

Biggie Small, Mac Dre, Scott La Rock, oh where’s Lor Scoota he is also DEAD?

Malcolm Little, boy of great promise 

Son of two activists, who wanted so much more

There had great plans for Malcolm to ROAR

Yet, on the deadly tracks of bigotry 

Hate had something in store

For Malcolm Little to settle that damn score

You see at that time little Malcolm was just four

As Malcolm Little grew he nothing else to do but stew

He changed his persona to Reds and starting cooking his own brew

You this life in crime as a choice that wasn’t new

For a confused mind, Malcolm Little didn’t have a clue

He fried his head and moved bed to bed

That was the life of Detroit Red

He did his crimes to keep getting fed

Reds was lucky he wasn’t dead

Locked up and put away

Reds found his way lost that name 

Changed his game, disavowed the shame

Faced his personal blame

Took on a higher cause

That criminal life took a permanent pause

Now, Malcolm Little “was” his name

Now Elijah added the X and wow, what fame

You see Malcolm Little, Reds, was never the same

The key to this was Malcolm Little had the chance to change

How many dead brothers lay in the streets with no real name

Who do we have to point the finger of blame

Reds carried a six shooter

Brothers today carry  mass body neuters

Hell, they even shoot as they ride a scooter

They kill each other as if bigotry and hate have another recruiter

What if Malcolm Little, Reds, had carried a mass body neuter?

Would he ever have the chance to be his people’s troubleshooter?

Today, twenty dead on the Southside, six dead on Whitelock

Why do brothers walk around with those personal killing machines loaded and cocked?

Did the future Detroit Red die today before he even had life give him any headway?

We can’t win if all the guns that are cocked 

Are pointed at us and we are so misunderstood

Us killing Us in the hood is simply no good

Guns pointed at us in all directions

Means justice in our communities never has protections

We, my people, need higher reflections

We need to stop this murderous infection

We also need to choose better people in our elections

Malcolm said the ballot or the bullet, choose smartly

However, Malcolm never wanted all the guns 

Pointed in just one direction, just our way!