Aug. 21, 2016

Rest in Peace George Curry We Will Emerge

When I woke up this morning and saw DeWayne Wickham's post about George Curry I was saddened. You see I was one of the original subscribers to EMERGE Magazine. DeWayne, I read each and every issue of EMERGE because the depth of articles was in my mind at least far superior to anything I was accustomed to seeing in a print subscription coming out of the black community. I always enjoyed George's initial editorial reflections that introduced each and every issue of Emerge. George Curry was indeed an editor par excellence who took extreme pride in presenting thought provoking, engaged articles to his community of readers. I was deeply disturbed when George had to close down shop before of lack of funds.  


You see, EMERGE was a vehicle for the emergence of the black communities. Yet. just as our communities have suffered because of the lack of economic resources being funneled back into our communities. The same draconian effect terminated this potentially great magazine. The saying for gambling in Maryland is "you gotta play to win" well black folks play in huge numbers across this nation. Yet, many ignore this saying, "you gotta read to be reformed and you must buy a subscription to stay informed".  George's doors of pivotable information had to close because many of us play a lottery game but avoid informational uplift. George also was a featured artist on BET and I loved his insight in that medium. Yet, it was EMERGE that should have emerged as a stalwart publication in our communities. It didn't and I was saddened.  


Look, around except for THE FINAL CALL, where do we now get the real truth? I'm waiting.,  no response, that's because our communities have dropped the ball on supporting our institutions necessary to maintain the vibrancy of our communities. We must be more than music, I love the expressive nature of the music, but what good is music if you remain ignorant to the deeper issues confronting  our communities at large. Why don't we read? At one time we as a people bleed to read because reading planting a liberation seed. Now, we bleed and many never read. I suspect that these words won't be read but George Curry is dead and we allowed EMERGE Magazine to be put in that final resting bed. Again, I reflect that we must spend our dollars on US for US to build US and save US no matter what it must be all about US.  I am going to say again let’s create the UPLIFT BRAND and make a stand forget about trying to command a presence where you aren’t wanted or respected.  Final you voice by making sounder economic choices.  Brother Curry, moved onto to a life with our ancestors hoping for consciousness for his people. Yet our communities continue to cope with life in disrepair, people seemingly do not care but we must take on this dare and build our own economic hardware.