Aug. 22, 2016

Really, With All Our Race Is Encountering You Are Aloof

Tomorrow's Thought, Is There Really A Plot; To Allow Supposed Smart Brains To Actually Rot And Knowledge To Clot?

Man, I can't wait until tomorrow's post I need to roast something cook it up, sizzle it up, drizzle it with some knowledge, bake it with the truth because I simply can't understand why some black folks think that are so aloof. I mean they will look you straight in the eye and give you a look that wonders why? What is the problem, why do you sigh, dammit with all our problems. You need to drop to knees and start to cry.

That's why I need tomorrow to begin to fry or least I should attempt to try. Look around you people,are really truly blind to think that black folks in America are just fine? Do need any more damn proof? You need to understand that living really black reveals, conceals, steals, hides any honest deals and denies nourishing meals. Damn how is it not to feel?

So you think being aloof to those of us who are conscious realize "you" are personally acting in a fictional spoof. Your mind, my friend masquerades without a roof; so your knowledge leaves without any, and I mean any, logical proof. I am surprised most of your coherent thought isn't dissolved away in that broken tooth.