Aug. 22, 2016

Really, Well If The Television Screen Fits; Injustice Still Sits: Equality Never Fits And Sanity Spl

Interesting editorial from the Founder of the Current Network, Michael Rosenblum, we could really be in for a BIG SURPRISE in November simply based on the viewing habits of this crazy ass nation. This is a country where some idiotic family made a billion of a sex tape of the daughter, and fools follow the family like rats following the Pied Piper to the drink.  This is a nation, where Naked and Afraid outperforms the Evening News Program. This is a nation where a Housewife from wherever dishes deceit, and bullshit and folks listen intently as if these ladies and their mates of the moment are truly inspirationally induced symbols of sanity. This is a nation where some damn duck callers lead a revolution of the stupids. This is a nation where basketball wives or even former basketball wives thrive while most of Black America barely survives. Yet, these sisters feed bullshit up in tablespoons and folks lap it up even before noon. This is a nation where Love and Hip Hop outperforms being informed because black folks seem never to reform. You think the First 48 really cares about the last 48 unless dead bodies are dropping?   This is a nation where real reality is warped because people’s television viewing habits are so damn idiotic seating in front of screens like a bunch of silly stupid rabbits. Sister Wives, really, now tell again why white folks thrive and black folks barely survive, while they watch that silly ass jive? The Batchelor  and the Bachelorette who would’ve thought those shows would have made people sweat. I never met you but I’ll marry you but don’t expect me to be true blue or fit in that foolish ass cinderella shoe. The Amish are coming, the Amish are coming, but they don’t watch TV but the keep stupid ass Americans humming and of course never overcoming and constantly mentally slumming. Are there any black naturalists in this nation? Well, according to Discovery white naturalists are truly outpacing any other creed or race in this nation. Now, tell me again how to skin a damn moose? What in the hell did you do to that dead ass Alaskan goose? Is that a another damn grizzly bear on the loose. Just shot a lynx, trapped minks, damn that dead beaver really stinks, it looks as if nature is out of sync. Yes, according to Mike trouble is brewing because based on our viewing habits white folks are stewing. While, black folks care only about what NeNe is chewing, or who so and so is screwing. Please, don’t tell that a Trump presidency is blooming because if that occurs damn, America, it is the US you will be screwed and this nation viewing will continue to be lewd and just think everyone still is watching the family feud? Damn that really favors this foolish ass Trump crew.