Aug. 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To Ya

Thirty-seven ago I distinctly remember the anxious, happy feelings I was experiencing as my first wife and I were awaiting the birth of our first child. He was born at Prince Georges County Community Hospital. Over the past years, man eventful things have occurred in my life, some that have caused deep thoughts of depression and separation from that special day, August 23, 1979. The day that Joseph Shelton Hall Jr. came into this planet. His life hasn't been any bowl of cherries and grappled with why, every day after we found out about his medical condition. I even felt personally responsible for his medical condition since it was genetic in nature. I cried so many nights asking why? Why had God personally taken out on Joe what HE should have taken out on me? However, no matter what anyone thinks about my reactions or actions dealing with my son's condition. I take him with me every day that I am on this planet. I say a silent prayer that GOD continues to keep his hand on my son as he deals daily with an illness he had no part in acquiring.
So my reflection this morning is directed towards my son. I know he is unable to read this message. He lost that ability years ago but somewhere in the energy of time and space, I believe that this message will be delivered through the cosmic force of life. Joe, Little Joe, Joe Jr., I have loved you from the very first moment I saw you and held you. I love you today just as I love you every day.
Happy Birthday, Joseph Shelton Hall Jr., I accept the blame personally for any of my actions but I loved you dearly and clearly.