Aug. 24, 2016

Reading Is More Than Fundamental It's Downright Mandatory

"JoeSmokeThoughts @ Noon Taking the Little One's Minds Literally to the MOON.

If you have more cable channels on the big screens in your home than books in your personal library, guess what? You have a huge problem because books and expanded literacy options in the home open a child's mind to the impossible being possible. Not being saddled up in front of a television screen all damn day.

If you think that the only books that your child should have access to are at school, or at the library, guess what many public elementary schools have inadequate supplies of literature in their libraries, and the public libraries aren't always accessible. So, instead of that six-pack of beer, or that bottle of Henny White that you will eventually leak out. Buy some books for your children so that knowledge they need will peek and seek out.

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