Aug. 26, 2016


You can stack the deck

You can even let justice continue to go unchecked

Hell, you can even make me sweat

My mind is strong on this here though you can bet

Being black wasn’t a choice I was given

But living black is this life has been my thanksgiving

Hell even if this life at times can be absolutely unforgiving 

You see through all the strife

I’d still choose this here BLACK life

Dammit to hell I’d even choose to be BLACK in the after-life

So don’t you dare think I beholden 

To all that economic power you are holding

You see we got a new nation of young blacks in need of molding

The black race my friends is far from simply unfolding

You see I don’t hate all whites 

Only the one’s that attempt to lower my sights

Or the one’s looking to destroy my rights

You see being black can mean facing many slights

Oh oh hell when you hit it?

Damn being black oh my what lights, what heights

So come at my blackness except for some fights

You see what those poor white’s fail to see

Being black can set your mind free

It also means no looking up from a denied knee

Living black is my ultimate choice

Standing up with a mighty strong voice

Can’t you see that being black is definitely ME

Look around at all the best, when blacks do it they outshine all the rest

Hell even in these decrepit school we still pass all your tests

So all this talk about you being the best?

Would you please just give it a rest

Oh, yeah, we gotta stop all these black folks from needlessly dying

It should would help if the police just stopped adding to these poor mother’s crying

They complicate matters without even really trying

They shoot us even if we seem to be complying

And that my friends is so damn horrifying

America, justice for all creeds is what you should be supplying

So stack the deck

Neglect paying that reparation check

Even though most of our communities remain a wreck

Most of our schools are absent of any new tech

Many in our communities don’t even get a paycheck

Yet, all in all when I make my call 

It’s in the black lines this here brother will fall

You know what I’m black as I can be

And dammit I will forever stand TALL

Bold, Brash, and 100% Black never questioning that at all

Dubois, Coleman, King, Vesey, Garvey, Turner, Hamer, Malcolm, and Stokeley

They all had black skins and were each was definitely smoking

So this brother is never thinking about doing no cloaking

Challenge my blackness that thought will lead to some provoking!