Aug. 27, 2016


When that "H" shoe and "Crack" shoe was on our foot, no voices from the burbs, Now, well now that H and Oxy have taken over the burbs, voices are loud and demanding. What shall we do? 

I am struggling with an upcoming post about the proliferation of illicit drugs in the suburbs of America. I understand the magnitude the problem that is facing many of these communities. So many, many families mostly white are just beginning to grapple with the abuse of hard narcotics amongst their kids and loved ones. 

I created a post last night on how when those drugs infected a neglected black community. Those same suburban voices were silent and their eyes closed tightly shut. Now, that their suburban communities are infected with drugs they are now demanding treatments, not indictments. When the shoe was on the black foot, it was indictments the hell with treatments. So, many black drug abusers were carted off to jail, others were dying horrible deaths. Yet the concern from these suburbs was completely silent. 

Now, you go into towns and rather than seeing the usual billboard noting deaths by automobile in these communities. Those signs now highlight deaths by overdose. Well, I re-wrote an essay and a poetic expression and I feel that if this is posted it may unnerve some people of our own color living in these suburbs.  What shall I do? 

Let me know?