Sep. 2, 2016

The Taco’s Trucks Are Coming

Taco’s, Taco’s, Taco’s America is being overrun with Taco’s
Taco’s, Taco’s, Taco’s here, there, everywhere, Taco’s
Where oh where dare oh where I swear
Just stop it with the taco’s, fish, beef, or chicken
Just don’t eat an eagle taco because is that even legal
I know for one that America Eagle Taco would indeed be regal
Taco’s, Taco’s, Taco’s our bellies so full with Taco’s
Hector’s got a track, so does Jose, and Jesus
Next thing you know so will Zeus
Melinda and Marie, Doria and Louise
All in their trucks damn aren’t we in for luck
So many trucks no lunch lines are stuck
Thanks for them Taco’s, Taco’s, Taco’s
Macho Taco, Samba Taco’s and Mexico City Specials
Why so many Tacos?
Didn’t they build the wall to ensure the great Taco invasion would fall
Oh that’s right that was Donald Trump’s call
Taco’s, Taco’s Taco’s what in hell is wrong with eating Taco’s
They are indeed delicious why in the hell is Trump’s people so vicious
The trucks are lined up in a row on K Street to the Alamo
Feeding us all these tasty Taco’s so much better for our tummies
Damn didn’t I say these tacos are so yummy
So Trump and all his minions need to add onions and the lemons
To their Taco’s, Taco’s, Taco’s where in the hell get I get some Taco’s
Don’t you worry now pretty soon the trucks on the corners
Will be manned by nothing but those unwanted foreigners
You know the one’s that crossed the waters smack dab onto our unprotected borders
Tell me again who made the trucks eating Taco’s like sitting ducks
Oh well, I simply order my Taco Super Mexican Deluxe!