Sep. 4, 2016

“The Longer I Sat Away From The Box The Clearer The World Becomes”

The Media Controls Who?

Does It Watch  Us Like We Watch Animals Caged In A Zoo?

Please Don’t Get Hustled 

Don’t Get Your Minds Rustled

You See They want Us Just To Tussle

You Will Need That Brain Power Not Be Outmuscled

It Can Happen To You Just Like It Did To A Mentally Lost

Earl Russell whose brains clammed up like a threatened mussel

Why do continuing living in this media stupidity box

You know their intention is only to outfox

All that I see is all this foolish reality T V 

Pretty soon all our communities gonna a need that emergency I V

Why do we care who is now trending

When all our communities problems are seemingly never ending

They say that the Atlanta’s housewife’s are leading the pace

To take down us down us all down this stupidity race

Why do we allow our minds to accept insignificant waste

Keep watching those shows y’all will  be mentally absent without a trace

The media has them purposely placed it’s even better than mace

Are the Kardashians really a cult

That Kim allowed us into her life without even a thought

Damn she got Kanye West it must be the occult

You see I thought the brother was a conscious adult

Now where is Bruce Jenner hey that’s now an insult

Didn’t Bruce changed to Catilyn without Kim’s consult

My thought is why any black persons should care

Why in the hell are our people seemingly pulling out hair

Not a single one of the Kardashians care

You see they got a billion other reasons to live with flair

If I see another black in support of Kim’s ass I swear

For hundreds and hundreds of years

All the hell we got was white despair

Not a single one of them made one black an heir

So why are we captured by the media box’s snare

Come on Black American let’s get out of that damn chair

Otherwise, we’ll never find relief from all this despair

Also, until we get back a 1/4  stop wearing all this Nike footwear

You see our communities need child care, not child despair