Sep. 6, 2016

When Is A Lie Not A Lie? When You Run President Of Course

Hey, y’all running for the highest office in land

No need to really worry about your stance

At least one moderator won’t make you dance

Hell just go on lie on each and every stance

You wanna send rockets to points unknown

Just tell a lie I won’t even record it on my iPhone

You see Chris has said just to be fair it’s not his job to clear the air

Tell a lie it’s not truth or dare

So, Donald and Hillary pull out that huge lair’s chair

Lair’s remorse well all in due course

However on the debate stage lying with a clear voice

Will now be the candidate optional choice

Donald can say they’ll pay for the wall 

Heck he can say he’s the choice of the blacks

He’ll even say he’ll demand that tacos become the national snack

He’ll need to say this just in case the Mexicans attack

With a full-fledged food truck frontal attack

Hillary, oh Hillary you can promise to use any damn blackberry you dare to choose

Didn’t the national polls just say this was your election to lose

You can even tell America that you will keep Bill bottled up

Hey that’s not the problem his pension for trouble that must be throttled down

The last time Bill was in DC he tore up the damn town

How in the hell Hillary are you going to keep Bill from chasing co-eds in Georgetown?

Just tell those moderators a lie that you know they will buy

It’s gonna the Secret Service’s job to keep Bill from pinching young thighs

Oh will you Hillary simply allow Homeland and the FBI to try

No way in world anyone is gonna keep Bill from doing his famous drop-byes

So tell me again is this really true a lie is lie but just not for you two

So from Maine to Oregon to Vermont to Vegas back down to South Beach

Over to Georgia up to Ohio back down to Tennessee

Straight up to the Dakota’s and on over to Texas swing by Oklahoma

Looking at the state of Mizzou down to Bayou way

Up to Illini and Michigan to just keep those lies coming

What’s next for America could be quite unbecoming

The thunder you hear is an economic catastrophe oncoming

You know we are in trouble when these two start slumming

The lair’s debates for presidency are forthcoming

That my friends is definitely democracy’s shortcoming.