Sep. 7, 2016

I Stand With My Red Brothers

This land is our land no longer can our land be pillaged

Corporate greed has destroyed it’s last Native American village

Stay away from the Dakota’s that land is sacred to our red brothers

No more pipelines for our land’s sacrifice 

Our Native Americans have already paid to much of a price

Our brothers passed treated nature with ultimate class

Now these corporate bigwigs look only to harass an honored people

Just for some damn oil bypass try making cars that run without gas

This nation’s history has done it’s damage to our red brothers

They labeled them savages but it was the white man who did all the ravaging

Tell me again how do you define savages I think it has to do with ravaging

From coast to coast this land was placed on a native’s pedestal

Yet the damage done to both the land and the red and black man was immeasurable

It’s 2016, they come again to create a natural plight

Yet this time our Brothers and I will put up a damn fight

You see it’s time for America to simply do right

Take all that damaging equipment and clear off of that site

Did you know that the black and red man are brothers

Those who taught you that we all blacks came over on ships

Never wanted us all to read the true script

That’s why they came up with thousands and thousands of slave ships, find them?

Slowly but surely that lie is losing its grip

How they kept that lie this long is really a trip

So stand with our red brothers out in the Dakotas 

As they stand with us from Racine to Minnesota

Stand with our red brothers out in the Dakotas

As they stand with us from Brooklyn to Oakland

You see they are standing for right so please join the fight

We must assure them that this Dakota pipeline never sees light

That my friends is what we all know is right

Anytime corporate America is willing to fight

Justice for the everyman is immediately blinded 

Need we have to be reminded 

Black and Red Brothers should be like-minded

You know that they think we both can be totally masterminded

Well, guess America we are no longer blinded

We stand together as one until this protest is done

That Dakota Pipeline will never be run under our brother’s sacred sun.