Sep. 8, 2016

Take It Off and Burn It Up!

It’s that time in the capital when black folks will go mad
They will put on these items that make me quite sad
Burgundy and gold why do you think that is so bold
It’s not the colors that bother me though
It’s the fact that you wear that insignia bro
Take it off, take it off, take it off, take it off
Burn it in a trough, in a trough, in a trough
In 33 Marshall named them with moniker Redskins, he shamed them
In 37 he took this team to DC where racism gleamed an all-white team was George’s dream
So why in the hell do black folks in DC continue to scream Redskins, Redskins, Redskins
Take off that hat and rip that shirt
No one black should cause such hurt
Wearing Redskin gear with darker hue
Are you now part of this racist crew
Take off that cap, shirt or hat with Redskins on it or we are through
You see my brothers and sisters there is another view
That damn redskin insignia doesn’t honor the Sioux
You need to understand not buying that gear will indeed be an emotional breakthrough
The same goes for the Indians and the Braves
Both those teams need new names
You see those names only deliver to native brothers continued shame
So if you consider yourself black
Get back on track give these items a buyers hack
Tell these owners no more change the name; honor the game; end the shame
Shame on you if Sunday comes and you are wearing that gear out in the sun
That to me deserves an Amish shun
Burn that shit or we are done
They call us names it’s all the same
Blacks wearing Redskins well that is simply a dirty shame
If you wear that gear who is too blame
So why in the hell are you wearing that redskin sweatshirt?
Snyder says the redskins love it but all I hear is Native American telling him to shove it
Who is he to say that awful team insignia makes their day
Take off those things and simply say no damn way
Never will I ever put on that Redskin gear another day
Down come the flags, off with the bumper stickers
Redskin gear in the black communities never
You can love the team all you care
It’s a football team for which you scream
Until the day that team name changes
Simply burn those caps, and shirts or go back to the store for exchanges
Public burning at Fed Express Field at 12 kickoff at 1
Blacks voting for the Washington Football Team with no name
Hey it’s still the same game just a team with no name
Hell call them the Hogs it’s a damn sight better than the frogs
Certainly less offensive than the Washington Darkies, right?
I don’t see any of my Native American brothers wearing that gear, do you?
Take it off and burn it up
End the shame just change the name