Sep. 9, 2016

America Is Trumped Up

America is trumped up
America looks hemmed up
Black America remains messed up
Trump’s minions out in force
Looks like justice in America
Is asking for a divorce
If Trump wins what will be our recourse
Equality happening no discourse
Why is America making this foolish choice
Young folks raging in the streets
Simply searching no retreat
Over half at an economic impasse
Doing crimes to pass the times
Selling dimes and spitting rhymes
While the passive folks resist
Trump's minions don’t desist
Why in the hell does Donald Trump a beat his chest
Maybe because his thoughts drive folks
To think less never demanding the best
America is trumped up
America looks pent up
America is hemmed up
Black America is pretty damn messed up
Big Mike said Bernie has a clue
Yet our communities remain a confused stew
Many still looking for that promised breakthrough
Hill’s people call us out
Asking us to cast out doubt
Vote for us and get that economic bailout
You would think hill called for a total blackout
Hell I’d rather scream and shout
Then continue to see our community freak out
Or go to a Trump rally and see white folks pass out
Is it really time for America’s lights to go out?
Most of all a nation’s gain
Should have been perceived as Obama’s gain
Yet so many acted in refrain
Do they really have a brain?
America is trumped up
America looks hemmed up
While Black America remains messed up
Why are so many of our youth condemned and not stemmed?
So if you go to the street
Make sure you don’t retreat
Some of the folks maybe secretly wearing sheets
Stepping on you wearing cleats
Hardly caring full of deceits
Making equality and justice obsolete
Putting this nation fast asleep
We cannot allow justice to be buried deep
Or allow equality to be tossed in a heap
Why in seating down is the price so steep
We followed your plan like willing sheep
Now people have awoken from that sleep
Our people now demand community upkeep
Guess what America that price won’t be cheap
So stay trumped up and sow what you reap
We, however, can link arms and no longer weep
Or go Trump’s way straight to the garbage heap