Sep. 9, 2016

While America is Trumped Up Psychologically Hemmed Up Black America Remains Messed Up!

I read an article this morning from the Chicago Tribute that shook me up. It simply said this; “nearly half of the young black men in Chicago are out of school and out of work.” Is this for real? I mean after 8 years of having a President who was the elected Senator from the State of Illinois before he was elected President. This is simply hard for me too fathom. When did the political adage about taking care of your own evaporate? While we are taking to the streets rebelling against Donald Trump and his cast of misplaced minions. Our communities, you know those black urban communities that have been ignored continue the slow march to utter devastation. So this Friday morning I’ll attempt to put in cadence the fact that we are missing the ball. Hey, Black America can we begin to at least act like will want too address our community’s call not simply go to the streets and brawl. You see to me Trump’s minions in thought are quite small.