Sep. 11, 2016

The Truth Must Be Revealed

Today I remember those lost souls who simply woke up that morning 15 years ago today to go about their daily chores of living. In a blink of an eye, everything that what was supposed normal on that day was shattered. As jet passenger planes became armed weapons of mass destruction.
All those lost souls in buildings and seated on jetliners headed to presumed destinations met up in a fury of devastation and horrific terror. We owe it to all those lost souls as well as the many souls lost as a result of the military reaction that those fateful atrocious acts of murder. To get the real truths about all the events that lead up to murder in skies.
Have the real truths been uncovered? Or are they still being shielded by those parties who may have had a hand in these terrible events? One Presidential candidate, Jill Stein, is calling for renewed investigations of what happened before, during and after the tragic destruction of human life on the fields of Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and of the World Trade Center.
Don't we owe those who suffered a loss the absolute truth? In addition, think of the many lost lives that followed in the days, months, and years directly related to that tragic day. I mourn for all that lost their lives that day, I mourn for all those who lost loved ones that day, and I mourn for all the lives lost on far off shores as a direct result of that tragic event. In Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan and lives lost in Syria, Libya, France, Belgium, Chad, Kenya, all the lives lost that directed link back to that fateful tragic day when everything that was supposed normal ended.
So, joesmokethoughts today reflects back to TRUTH and why it is imperative that it is no longer uncovered. The mask of human injustice and lies must be revealed so that any and all parties linked to this tragedy are revealed. I cannot believe that a crew lead by Osama Bin Liden was solely responsible for this initial terrible act of terrorism. Too much has happened since that day on a warm September morning to justify not reopening this case.
I stand with Jill Stein on this one reopen the case go to wherever the TRUTH leads and seek out all the guilty parties.