Sep. 12, 2016

1931 What Did That Banner Song Really Do To Set Me Free

In 1931 you see America cared not if the black man was ever set free
So why all the ill dispute about that song of ill repute
In 1931 you see Jim Crow in America was whipping me
Did that banner song they played saved my black granddaddy from his grave
They pulled him from a cell you see and lynched him high for all to see
So when they labeled that song they sing the national anthem
My people were hardly free in this so-called land of liberty
In 1931 you see America cared not if any black man was free
Get over it you always say that happened on another day
Well didn’t jews burn up in camps but don’t they still light holy lamps
Why don’t we close up our minds and forget about those deadly crimes
This simple act of kneeling down has caused so many of you to frown
Why nobody tried to help my black granddaddy as his body was shoved into the ground
You say that was in 31, guess what? There still is no justice for everyone
So from until my days are done you won’t see me rise again
I’m done.
Lift ever’y and sing till earth and heaven ring
When that is sung I will stand but will you?