Sep. 14, 2016

This Bud's Not For Me

Let's say that no black person purchase BUDWEISER PRODUCTS to counteract the backlash currently being directed at NFL players for exercising their 1st amendment right of free expression. Rather than buying any Bud choose another alternative or better yet choose no beer products at all. A boycott against injustice with a pocket stance, which means my dollars stay in my pocket. If the people in Montgomery, Alabama could pocket stance against segregated transportation for 355 days in 1955. What is giving up drinking BUD compared to that historic sacrifice? These people used any means necessary to show the powers to be that injustice simply isn't acceptable in our communities.
I damn sure bet that if Budweiser sales dipped 20% that there would be some meaningful discussions related to honoring the stances of those NFL players currently facing backlash for choosing to stand for justice. Be like Beyonce, drink lemonade, or Miss Sadie's Sweet Ice Tea just don't buy that case of Bud, or Bud supported merchandise. Oh, we could go after Century Communications for dropping Brandon Marshall as a symbolic sponsor of their cable network. Yet, I personally feel hit one of the biggest fish in advertising pond. If you disrupt his comfort zone the entire pond of injustice will be disturbed not just the ripple of discomfort caused by going after a minnow.
Let's make a concerted effort as adults to choose to not support Budweiser products this entire National Football League season. I betcha you will see some meaningful discussions around a change in related to the black communities. Please don't give me that well Budweiser gives back argument because the percentage they give back is minuscule to the degree of economic support black people's give to the King of Beers.