Sep. 17, 2016

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Project Uplift/ Literacy
Why Should We Be Concerned?

Just The Facts:


Just 12 percent of African-American fourth graders have reached proficient or advanced reading levels, while 61 percent have yet to reach the basic level.

In a national assessment of student reading ability, Black children scored 16 percent below white children.

Forty-six percent of Black adults, compared with 14 percent of white adults, scored in the lowest category of the National Adult Literacy survey. The results indicate that Blacks have more limited skills in processing information from articles, books, tables, charts, and graphs compared with their white counterparts.

What the Community Can Do

From the time of slavery to today, Black Americans have struggled to attain a high-quality education. During slavery, educating Blacks was forbidden. Today there is a legal right to attend schools, but for many Blacks, a quality education is almost as difficult to obtain as it was more than a century ago. Schools are more segregated than they were 20 years ago, too many of which are predominantly Black and of low quality. We must demand that local communities provide the resources to educate all children, that the state and federal governments provide sufficient resources. The mandate of educating all of America’s children rests on all of us.

What Every Individual Can Do Now:

Read to your children or grandchildren every day.

Create clean, quiet spaces for your children to do homework; check to make sure that assignments are completed.

Get a library card for each member of your family.

Arrange enriching family and neighborhood activities for children of all ages: museums, educational games, spelling bees, and science fairs.

Become involved in your children’s school—PTA, school committees; attend back-to-school events; if you do not have children in the school, consider becoming a volunteer.


Hold all leaders and elected officials responsible and demand that they change current policy.”

Project Uplift/ Literacy erasing illiteracy with one read aloud at a time spread out over many male voices in many needy communities from the coast of the Atlantic to the coast of Gulf of Mexico to the coast of the Pacific. We can defeat illiteracy and regain the proud history of ancestors who literally died for the right to be strategic readers and writers.

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