Sep. 17, 2016

What Does 53 Mean To me

What Does 53 Mean To Me

Back in 1963 in B’more it was founded
12 brothers who sought so much more were certainly not confounded
These men whose fate was meant for more are now a part of Iota lore
12 brothers made that pledge to built this organization
That was directed to restore dreams and hopes of those who sought for more
That pledge of honor amongst these men divined a cause of betterment
For all of them could have chosen different routes
You see each of them was of proudly chosen fruits
Any group would have easily been made better
However, these 12 men choose different paths
Not one of them cared about the math or other’s wrath
So what does 53 mean to me?
It means that since 1974 I saw also that path to restore
You see these 12 men saw in their dreams this fraternity indeed would soar
That’s why they aligned with the mighty centaur
They knew that Iota would spread from shore to shore
Those who didn’t believe were shown the door
Yes, my brothers, we are still building
So 53 means to me that the task of building means never yielding
From the Movement to The Family from each Chapter’s Page I can see
That our organization is sprouting like a leader’s fruit tree
Just as the 12 men were fruits on a black leader’s tree
I am simply glad that I chose to be on that same Iota Phi Theta Tree
I pledged at Morgan, yeah it was tough but I felt that I had the right stuff
The same steps the 12 walked I walk too and I to this day am Iota true
I will remain Iota until this body is through
My spirit will forever bleed gilded gold and brown
You see even after 42 years I will lift up the brown
I will lay down the gold and I will build this story up bold
You see even though my bones are old the complete Iota story is yet to be told
So what does 53 mean to me
It means that Iota still makes dreams and hopes
Come to those who swear to build the shield
Yes and my brothers never ever will yield
You see to them Iota Phi Theta Fraternity is the real deal