Sep. 25, 2016

Come on People, Sweet Jesus

I was reading the Huffington Post this morning and a legion of idiots are up in arms about whether Kim Kardashian is voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I mean this nation is bouncing on the precipice of insanity and outrage.  Old Kim was seemingly talking to Bruce/Catilyn Jenner whose a person in constant search of media attention because it's hard I guess to age gracefully when the sun has obviously fried your brain.  So why not take advantage of this political mumbo-jumbo news cycle and tell Kim to vote for Trump.  Then await the reactive uproar as Kim and her tranced legion of followers goes  ape- shit over the possibility of Kim going down on Donald Trump in the polling booth.  I don't see how in the hell Kanye West can maintain any degree of stableness in that mess of Kardashian nonsense.

My instantaneous thought for the day:

Honestly, do people really give a flying rat's ass who Kim Kardashian is voting for? Are we going to gauge the presidential election on KIM KARDASHIAN? This whole election process for President of the United States is outrageous and borders on a mix of madcap mischief and challenging idiocracy. I can hardly wait until November 8th 12:00 Midnight when all this damn foolishness ends. Or does it?